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Becca has the unique ability to really take in all that I say and not only summarize back to me for confirmation, but also infer what I am feeling and what conclusions I am coming to. When talking with her I trust that she understands me and that our conversations have purpose and direction.

Anna G.

Becca has a genuine interest in people and has a special gift to make them feel felt and understood. Becca gave me a perspective that transformed my motivation.

Doug K.

Becca has a way of listening, attuning, and then asking really insightful questions that completely change my perspective. She helps me shift my thinking so I can see new options and new solutions for my situation.

Erin K.

Becca always cuts right to the heart of the issue. She is direct and truthful. And I always feel safe. With Becca you can expect to be challenged in a way that makes you feel empowered to allow yourself to accept new ways of thinking and responding to negative cycles.

Rachael C.

Becca is compassionate, skilled, caring and down to earth. She can connect and be with the places in you that you would like to get to know better.

Linda V.

I have witnessed Becca's capacity to establish an almost immediate sense of trust, intimacy, and heartfelt compassion with her clients. With her intelligence and understanding, she is an excellent choice of partner and guide in your pursuit of wellness and healing.

Darrell G.

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